Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Blog Name Caught Up To Me. But I Was Innocent.

Coming back from Nevada the day after Thanksgiving, I was leisurely driving down the highway through Sacramento on my way home to the Bay Area. I was driving between 65-70mph and was in the passing lane when a CHP came rushing up my backside. I thought he was going after someone else so I got in the next lane. He got behind me and turned on his lights. After I got off the freeway, I asked the officer what I was pulled over for. He said speeding. I told him I was maybe doing 70mph at the most. He told ME I was going much faster than that and that by his estimate from me passing slower cars (who were doing 55mph) I was going around 80mph. I asked if he had me on radar. He said NO, estimated. Which is bullshit! He writes up the ticket and comes back. It says I was doing 80mph. I told him I hadn't done 80mph on my whole trip. He said fight it in court. FUCKING ASSHOLE! So now I may have to take a whole day off work and drive to Sacramento to fight the ticket. While he fills his quota for the month of November.

So my buddy sent me this picture the next day. He's a tow truck driver and had to tow a CHP.

Did I say this already? FUCK THE POLICE!!!

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